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Coming in March 2020: a short story in a Partners in Crime anthology: Crossing Borders, published by
 Down & Out Publishing.



Pam Clark is the author of SHOOT IF YOU MUST, a traditional mystery with a smattering of romance. It is the first in a projected series featuring Meg Adams, a community college professor with a penchant for adventure, and Lieutenant Ty Raleigh, a widowed Frederick City cop who relocated from Baltimore to build a new life for him and his fifteen-year-old daughter. The series is set in Frederick, MD, a town full of charm and Civil War history.

While Pam lived in Frederick for most of her teaching career, her hometown was tiny—a hamlet, really—through books she learned that the world was a wide, wide place. And it beckoned. She became an English professor who loved to travel, roaming through the U.S. national parks as well as Stonehenge, Aztec ruins, Machu Picchu, the oracle at Delphi, the Hermitage and the Louvre. Where she once craved adventure, she’s now staying closer to home while conjuring up and solving mysteries…and running off on the occasional adventure.

Before she turned to writing mysteries, she

was a poet.



So exciting!! My friend Pam Clark's book is now out! It shall be my first read for New Year's!

Paula Akbar,


Great new author, amazing storyline

Ms. Clark’s first mystery novel does not disappoint! I bought it at her book signing and literally could not put it down. Half way through I decided I wouldn’t go to bed until I had finished; 3:45 AM I closed my eyes, content. Great read; especially when growing up around Frederick and learning the Barbara Fritchie lore at an early age. I can not wait for the second in the series! Thank you Ms. Clark; enjoy your success!

Jeana Fawley Harmon

Not a good read -
a great read!

A well-crafted mystery, a tragic death, sympathetic heroine, and a good-looking cop! Shot if You Must leaves nothing to be desired for avid detective story readers. The writing gets out of the way of the story, which is compelling on multiple levels. The characters are interesting and believable, and the plot has a nice turn at the end. I especially appreciate the villain done in shades of gray. Not easy, that. Good job, Pam!

Cynthia T. Weinmann





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